Neem de pijl mee zodat je weet waar je gebleven bent.

Gothische lessen 1

Lollipop          Romance in the wood          I'll give you a signal

On my way home          Gothics          Chaotic World

Lightning Cross          Going back in time          Me and my friend the crow

Pretty gothic          Goth Art          Green Goth

Bloodspatters               Gothic frame: Chained           Black & White

Friends forever          They can't break a dead girl's heart          Coming out

Dark Angel          My favorite parfume          Wandering spirit

On the street          Gothic Mother's Day          Removing the dust

Queen of the roses          Beware of the poison          The look in my future

Purple night          Pretty girl          Be mine

Little gothic girl          Vamp          Sad little gothic



          Les 41 - Crows          Les 42 - Graveyard


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